Frequently Asked Questions

For page administrators

I received a warning about failures posting to my page. What can I do?

There are many reasons a failure can occur. We connect to Facebook using a token for your page. This token can expire, or gets invalidated. According to Facebook documentation:

All access tokens may become invalid before they expire even non-expiring Page access tokens under certain circumstances. If a password changes, if the user who requested the token no longer has a role on the app or Page, or when a security issue has been detected, an access token will become invalid.
You should check: When you are sure you have addressed the issues, please contact us to reset your failure count so that we can attempt to post to your page again.

I am unable to add my page. It says it has been linked by someone else.

If your page has more than one admin, someone else might have linked it before you attempted to do so. If it is really important for you to own the link, please speak with your co-admins so that they can remove it. After they have removed the page, you can add it.

I removed my page, but announcements are still posted.

When you revoke your page from our access, the token is invalidated. It is impossible for us to continue posting to your page. If your page has more than one administrator, someone else could have authorized the page after you have deauthorized it. Please check with your co-admins. Because of privacy reasons, we are unable to tell you who linked the page.